Should You Consider B2B Payment Software?

Should You Consider B2B Payment Software?

15 Jan 2015

Mistakes happen, things can get lost in translation, and minor mistakes can lead to headaches later on. When it comes to making payments to your suppliers, you don’t want any of the above 3 to sour your otherwise amazing reputation. So, what can you do to make sure your payments are accurate and on time?

Consider B2B Payment Software.

What’s business to business payment software?

Business to business (or B2B) payment software is software that automates your payments and disbursements to suppliers. Essentially, you don’t have to print or send any paper checks. It’s all effortlessly and electronically handled!

Why you should invest in new software if your traditional methods are working just fine? The reasons are quite simple and will easily end up saving you and your company time, effort, and money.

Your company’s vulnerability to fraud greatly diminishes with B2B payment software. No longer will you have to worry about checks getting forged or secure check storage.

Easy to use, easy to learn
While it can sound like a hassle, the software installation is easy to install and even easier to use. Installation typically takes a few weeks, and in 30 minutes you can be trained to send and monitor electronic payments.

Eco friendly and cost effective
Thousands of paper checks per month is a lot of wasted paper, and the cost of check stock adds up. Electronic payments reduce your environmental footprint and eliminate the cost of paper checks.

Quicker and more responsive
Processing paper checks is slow and the postal service can be unpredictable. Electronic B2B payments allow you detailed control over when payments get made, resulting in happier suppliers.

It can give your business the edge
Staying ahead of the competition is vital, even when it comes to things such as a reliable payment system. Having a systematic payment method that’s fail-safe will make your business look far more reputable and reliable.

There aren’t too many reasons why you shouldn’t invest in B2B payment software. If you’d like to learn more about how you can make your payment process more efficient and secure, please contact us!