Software Advantages Will Save You Time and Money.

Software Advantages Will Save You Time and Money.

08 Jan 2015

Disbursement software offers many advantages for your company. It allows for quick and easy payment and reconciliation of bills with a few simple clicks. Here are more ways it can help your business.

Compatible With Your AP System and Your Bank.
RegalPay is adaptable to any AP system and any bank that offers electronic payment integration. RegalPay works with over 25 different ERP systems, even systems that weren’t designed to accommodate electronic payments, and we can adapt new systems easily.

Getting Started Is Easy.
Implementing RegalPay is easy. Depending on your AP system and bank we can have you up and running in as little as a few weeks. Even if your system wasn’t designed for electronic payments, we can help.

Time Saving.
Many hours are spent each year printing, signing, stuffing envelopes, and reconciling payments. With RegalPay you will be amazed how many hours of labor are saved in your accounts payable department. Automatic daily reconciliation also ensures that less mistakes are made and accurate records are kept. This can save an enormous amount of time and hassle for your company.

Economical Business Solution
Since RegalPay can be used with your existing accounting software, you will avoid costly software upgrades. Employees can access RegalPay at their own computers for ease of use. Your company will save work hours that can then be used in more productive ways.

Helps You Keep Up With Your Business.
RegalPay makes sure that your payments and banking information is up to date so you always know where your business stands so you can make the best decisions for your firm.

Little Training Necessary.
RegalPay is so easy to use that you or your employees will begin using it quickly and easily. With just 30 minutes of training your accounts payable team can be transmitting electronic payments and doing more with their newfound free time.

RegalPay® can automate the accounts payable department of small or large businesses using existing enterprise software. Contact us for more information or to schedule a meeting with our software professionals.