Accounts Payable

RegalPay® Software

RegalPay® is an accounts payable automation software adapter that runs on your desktop. It is an ePayables “engine” that takes payment transactions from your accounting/ERP system and transmits them to your bank. Then, it performs a daily download of settlement files and compares that information to your system to display a daily cash position.

Automatic Transfers

With the RegalPay® ERP payment adapter, you enter your vendor invoices into your existing accounts payable system as usual; RegalPay® then extracts a payment file directly from your accounts payable system and automatically transfers the payment file to your financial institution for electronic disbursement.


Easily Review Payment Information

ap-automation-powered-by-regalpayAccount reconciliation with RegalPay is just as easy. RegalPay® alerts users when bank payment processing has completed and provides the details associated with that payment as well as other recent transactions. This allows financial professionals to quickly and easily review payment information to ensure accuracy or take the necessary steps to correct it.