Software For Banks

Speed to Revenue - 33% Faster

RegalPay® connects the bank’s treasury solution to your customer’s accounting system for efficient, fast bank payment processing of corporate disbursements. All payment types are included in a single file.

Because RegalPay® automation software relies on proven technology and a repeatable process, your treasury integration projects will move quickly from deal closure to go-live. Our banking partners tell us this is a minimum of 33% faster than alternative methods. For the “Do-It-Yourself” customers it’s even faster. The bank, as well as the customer, will begin realizing the cost savings and revenue generation quicker because the technology barrier will be effectively removed with RegalPay®.


Handles Non-Native Content
For All Payment Types

Most ERP systems were designed before today’s advanced treasury management solutions, so they do not provide for an adequate way to capture all the data necessary to process electronic payments like Virtual Cards and next day checks. The RegalPay® ERP payment adapter attaches to the customers’ accounting system and provides additional fields to capture content that is not native to the accounting system but necessary for electronic payments.

Unstick Deals

As a banking professional, you have no doubt run across deals where the revenue potential is high but the deal just won’t close because the customer is having trouble with the integration to your treasury's bank payment processing system. RegalPay® provides great value here by providing your customer with a proven, off-the-shelf automatic payments integration solution, implemented by professionals experienced in Treasury to ERP integrations.

Work With Subject Matter Experts

The Regal sales and implementation team has been exclusively supporting Treasury sales and delivering treasury integrations since 2008. Comprised of seasoned financial software sales professionals, certified technology professionals and accountants, the Regal Software team members are subject matter expects in the area of bank payment processing.

  • No Trial and Error – Your customers’ implementation will not be an experiment but rather the delivery of a proven solution by skilled professionals in this specific industry.
  • Competent Sales Support – The Regal Software sales team will support your entire sales cycle under your direction with competent process and technology. This includes but not limited to product demonstrations, process flow discussions and a wider discussion on accounting and software challenges surrounding an ePayables banks software implementation, complete with recommendations and solution offerings for your treasury customers.

Easily Manage Unusual Technology Requests

There are times when a customer will make an unusual technology request and make that a condition for the deal to move forward. RegalPay® is very configurable and allows our seasoned AP automation services team to add unusual functionality to accommodate those customers that request it. This is yet another reason why RegalPay® is the smart solution for ePayables.