Proven. Easy. Smart.

RegalPay® ERP Payment Adapter

ePayables is the smart way to go. The RegalPay® adapter makes this easy.

Automatic Payments

Process payments normally in your accounting system, then press a button on the RegalPay® adapter to transmit them to your bank. It’s all automatic.

  • Send payments right from your desktop
  • No IT experience required
  • Full data validation and exception reporting

Daily Automatic Reconciliation

RegalPay® automation software downloads a reconciliation file from your bank and performs a full daily bank reconciliation of your cash accounts. It’s all automatic, saving you valuable hours each month by eliminating manual reconciliation processes.

  • Reconcile all payment types
  • Know your cash position every day
  • Receive automatically-generated journal entries
  • Eliminate manual transaction matching

Any ERP. Any Bank. No Modifications.

RegalPay® is a universal ERP payment adapter. It's also smart enough to process payment types your system wasn't designed for. In fact, RegalPay® manages all of the vendor information, payment types, and configuration required to interface with your bank payment processing software without any modifications to your system.

  • No “lock in.” RegalPay® works with any bank
  • “Future proof” if you ever change accounting/ERP systems
  • No “customizations.” Keep your system intact and avoid future upgrade issues

Be Free of IT

Any finance or accounting person can use RegalPay® right from their workstation. It features a simple push-button interface to process, validate, and transmit automatic payments right out of your ERP system. Installation is simple too with our AP automation services. Just have your IT department set up a server for RegalPay® and we'll take care of the rest. It's one less project they'll have to worry about, and you retain full control of the process.

  • Quick, low-impact implementation
  • Easy push-button operation
  • Automated transaction validation
  • Automated file transfer

The Proven Solution

Choosing a solution from a dedicated stable company is critical. Regal Software is leading financial institutions to provide their customers with easy-to-use, off-the-shelf solutions for bank payment processing integration.

  • Over 1,200 locations use RegalPay®
  • Billions of dollars in transactions
  • Stable, secure, and easy